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Kevin, you did a phenomenal job with the song "Forgotten Birds of Baltimore".  When I wrote the poem I was not sure how it could be put into song form.  There were so many facts that were included in the verses that I knew it would be difficult to apply them to any melody.  Due to your wealth of creativity and talent, you were able to make adjustments to the verses that made the song flow perfectly.  It is truly amazing how you put the music together to go along with the spirit of the poem.  It could not have been done any better by anyone.  Your great voice along with your excellent musical skills turned the Forgotten Birds poem into a wonderful song and tribute to Baltimore's International League Orioles.  

Thank you very much. Jimmy Keenan

I approached Kevin about singing our documentary song for The Forgotten Birds, while at the Golden Corral on Veterans night. He called back to express interest and started the job. He did a great job and put in the extra time adding lyrics into the melody. I would recommend Kevin Swink to anyone.
Stephen Johnson
Executive Producer
Stephen Johnson Productions  
I can't thank you enough for the great job you did producing the CD single "I Stand Amazed". God had laid this project on my heart over a year ago and to be honest I did not know exactly how to go about it. You immediately instilled confidence in this project for my husband and I by being professional, caring, personable, and available. It's these qualities that allowed me to focus on the writing and message of the songs. Your production talents enhanced these songs and brought them to life. I am very proud of the final product. The start of any project is the most important time and you understood that and went the extra mile. Thank you and God bless!

Traci Marshall
What a fantastic job you did on my 2 songs. I couldn't have imagined them turning out any better than they did. Your professionalism and understanding was absolutely amazing. I'll defenitely be sending more songs to you in the future. Thanks so much.
Will Kendrick  

I couldn't wait to hear the final product and when I got the package in the mail I listened to it over and over again. I couldn't believe that a song I had written sounded like it should be in rotation on any country radio station.  I had always toiled around with my songwriting and felt that none of my stuff was really that good until now. The quality of your work gave my song a whole new life and has inspired me to take things a little more seriously. I can't express how excited I am to let everyone hear my song.

Thanks a Million, I really mean it... Katie

What can I say, another incredible job well done. You never disappoint me with anything you do. I hope to send this last one out to Taxi and hopefully get it cut by someone.   The one comment that keeps coming back to me is how professional my production is on all my songs.  You have really given me that extra edge where people are taking me as a serious songwriter and not just some mamby pamby.  

Your Friend, Kurt J.

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