Professional Songwriter Demos Produced and Recorded by Professional Nashville Session Musicians, Singers and Producers.

If you are a songwriter and you want to give your songs the best possible chance of getting heard by the big guys in the music indusrty,  you need a high quality professional demo of those songs. We offer this to you by using top session musicians and producers who are recording the big hit records of today in Nashville. As you know Nashville is the music capital of the world where all genres are produced and recorded.

If you need a certain instrument added to your already recorded tracks, this can be done.   We would need a stereo wav file of your complete mix or if you provide an mp3 of the same mix that is also usable. It must have a click track and played in time so that this task could be performed to the best quality.

If you are a singer/artist who has written songs or either has songs that you need to be produced for your own demo CD project, we can help you out. You would need to have your own home studio or a facility where you could record your vocals. Then send the wav file of your RAW vocal track to us (this means no compression eq reverb etc...)   Then your vocal track is inserted into the session and mixed together with the other tracks to produce the master.

Alot of big label projects are being recorded and produced while members of a band are in different locations. With the technologies of the internet, audio files can be tranfered through ftp sites or email. please contact us for full details by clicking here.

For other services you may need that are not listed, contact us and we will see if we can meet your needs, and if not we will try to help you with information to accomplish what you need. 




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