Professional Songwriter Demos Produced and Recorded by Professional Nashville Session Musicians, Singers and Producers.

Two Acoustic Guitars
One Male or Female Vocal
Two CD Copies
Includes Shipping and Handling


One Acoustic Guitar
One Electric Guitar
Steel Guitar
Bass Guitar
One Male or Female Vocal
Two CD Copies
Includes Shipping and Handling


Acoustic Guitars
Electric Guitars
Steel Guitar
Bass Guitar
Grand Piano
Keyboard pads, Electric piano (if needed)
String pads, B3 Organ (if needed)
Mandolin (if needed)
Dobro (if needed)
One Male or Female Vocal
Two CD Copies
Includes Shipping and Handling


Save $350.00  Best Value
Three Songs on one order Same as GOLD DEMO

Any Extra Instruments you may need not listed in the above DEMO packages Examples Saxaphone, Trumpet, etc.... $75.00 per instrument, per song  
Harmony Vocals added to your song.... $50.00 per song  
Music Tracks without Vocals ordered at the same time with your demo.... $10.00 per song ... When the Music Tracks without Vocals are ordered after the DEMO has already been shipped the price is.... $30.00 per song
Additional CDs with up to 10 songs (Above DEMO Packages include 2 CDs).... $10.00 per CD   
Individual Wav. Files for each track, Includes 3 songs per DVD.... $30.00 per DVD  
Please Select the Demo Package you would like to have produced for your songs. The prices below are per song except for the Platinum Demo Package (3 song deal). The instruments are in bold type in each Demo Package showing you what extra instruments you can have for your Demo by choosing the Demo Package that is the next step up. When you have made your decision, please click the add to cart buttons to place your order. Please contact me if you have any questions .     
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