Professional Songwriter Demos Produced and Recorded by Professional Nashville Session Musicians, Singers and Producers.
What is a songwriter demo?   A songwriter demo is a recording of a song that can be demonstrated to others.  Some songwriters want their songs to be recorded by recording artists for monetary gain.  Others have their songs recorded for their own person pleasure.  We work hard to record professional quality recordings for writers that have either goal.  If you plan to pitch your songs so that they can be recorded by the big Label artist you need a professional sounding demo of your songs.  Our philosophy is that the more your songs sound like a Major Label recording the better chance they have to be successful.  We strive to provide songwriters with high quality recordings so that their songs can be presented in a professional manner and compete against the other competition they are going up against. 
What about musicians?  As stated on our home page we use top session musicians from Nashville who are also playing on the big hit records of today.  If you tried to book these musicians on your own you could pay from $250.00 per instrument per song but True Media Productions has made it possible for you to have that same Big Label sound at just a mere fraction of the cost.  
What is a tracking session?  A tracking session is a recording session with the musicians in which individual tracks are recorded one at a time, for the most part, but not always.  Sometimes it could take several hours to several weeks to lay down these tracks and to edit them before they would start to be mixed. 
What about vocals?   Typically, we provide the lead vocalist for songs that we record.  We have some great vocalists to sing for you!  We take care of hiring and paying the vocalists and the cost is included in the Songwriter Demo Packages.  If you are a singer and want to sing your own vocal tracks for your songs that is fine also.  You can record your vocal track in your home studio if you have one and are confident enough that you feel you could get a good vocal track on your own.  Then, you can either send us the wav file of the vocal track to have us mix it with the music we have already recorded or you can wait for the music track to be sent to you and mix in the vocal yourself.  (We don't recommend this however, it is your option).  Secondly, you could go to a local studio and do either one of the same things.
What is arranging?  Arranging is a service that we provide to help writers with the chord structure of their songs.  This generally happens in two different instances.  First, if you don't play an instrument you can send us an acapella tape with singing only and we can arrange the chords to go with your melody.  Second, if you have chords to your song already, you still may like some help with the chord structure, we could help in the area also.
What if I want to bring my own musicians?  Sorry, we only use professional musicians who are members of the Nashville Association of Musicians.  We are on such a tight schedule as it is that we cannot alter anything at the moment and still provide our quality work in a timely manner.  The studio musicians record masters and demos everyday and are use to the studio environment.  The musicians are fast and very creative in the studio?
What if I don't play an instrument?  Some writers can write songs but they do not play an instrument for accompaniment.  This is okay, if you send us a tape with someone singing the melody we can take it from there.  If you have a friend or can find someone to play the piano or guitar with you this would work much better. We can arrange chords to go with your melody for an arranging fee of $50.00 if it's only a vocal work tape. We do require a melody to do an arrangement. If you cannot sing the melody yourself try to find someone who can. You may have to pay someone a small fee to do this, but in order for us to do our work we need to hear what the songs melody is.
How do I pay for my order?  We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express through PayPal.  Since we have to book musicians, vocalists and engineers in advance we require payment for demo orders in advance.
How long will it take to get my order?  Our general policy is to ship demos within 4 weeks of receiving the order.  Our goal is to provide quality recordings in a timely manner.  If you need something quickly please contact us and we can work something out.
Will you critique my songs?  We do not like to critique or judge your songs.  We are not publishers. Even though we deal with alot of songwrtiers we are not the ones who should be giving you a critique. We are hired mainly to produce quality professional demos for you.  
What if I have additional questions?  If you have additional questions that you don't see answered here or on other pages please contact us to let us know.  Perhaps, we can add your questions to this list. 
What is mixing?  Mixing is the procedure of blending all the instrument and vocal tracks together with EQ, compression, reverbs and what other effects are needed to bring your song to life.  The stereo imaging is also very important within the mix.  This allows each track to have its own space and fit well to give your song that special blend.  After all this is done each individual track is mixed down to a two track mix so that it can be mastered and put onto cd or other media. 

Will you put a melody to my song if I only have the lyrics? We prefer not to put music/melody to your lyrics because legally we would own half of the writers share of the copyright.  You would be the writer of the lyrics, we would be the writer of the music, and if a publisher was involved, the full copyright would go to him, and the royalties would be split 50-50. The publisher would have his full 50% and the writer of the lyrics and the writer of the music would share the other 50% between them.  You must already have the melody of the song and not just lyrics, We are more interested in helping you than taking your share of royalty money.

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