Professional Songwriter Demos Produced and Recorded by Professional Nashville Session Musicians, Singers and Producers.
About Us

True Media

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Created for you, the songwriter, the musician, the singer that is trying to
make your mark in the Music Industry, and need help getting there. 
We were
an offline production company that has finally brought our service online to the
internet community.

At last you have found the place to answer your questions and
assist you in your musical journey.  Now you can experience the same
high quality service that our local Baltimore area clients are receiving.

I am Kevin Swink the owner and founder of   True Media Productions
I am a singer/songwriter, musician, producer, engineer, who has been
playing and recording for over 20 years.  Still living in Baltimore I worked
one on one with local talent. 

Now I am offering my services to you.   I have developed quite a production team that delivers at the highest level, giving your projects the attention they need, and the quality they deserve.  You can hear some samples from our samples page.  

With over 20 years experience in the music business, we are more than able to meet your musical expectations.  Although we are located in Baltimore, our production team consists of  top industry professionals from Nashville.  Top session musicians that play on the big hit records will now be playing on your demos, along with the top producers giving your songs that added advantage.
We help to make your musical dreams come true, a little quicker and a little easier.  Our professional team is here to take you and your music to the next level, increasing your chances to have what you want.
Sadly to say, today's Music Business is about 10% Music and 90% Business, but we are more about the music and helping you get one step closer and then another, and another to your final goal.