Other Factors Would Include

The correct timing, Maybe who they knew, Some unique lyrics, A nice melody to the song, and the list could go on and on, but there is one factor that played the biggest part in making them a successful songwriter. They needed for someone to hear their songs. Without anyone being able to hear their songs they could not have become a success.

This means that they would have to play their songs live and in person for the industry executives, which was done in the earlier days of music. This of course was a once in a lifetime shot that they would ever be able to do this. The next alternative was to have their song recorded so they could make several copies and pitch it around town to many different Industry personnel.  

Soon this became the standard way of doing things and the most practical as well. This became known as a song's demonstation or in modern terms... SONGWRITER DEMOS. Every great songwriter would have never become a success without being able to provide a demonstration of their song.
As competitve as the Music Industry is today, especially the songwriting market, everyone is striving to produce great sounding SONGWRITER DEMOS. The problem, is that all songwriters are not musicians or singers. Some don't know the first thing about producing or recording a song. So how are they suppose to get people to hear their songs?     

Professional Songwriter Demos Produced and Recorded by Professional Nashville Session Musicians, Singers and Producers.

Don't Waste Your Time And Money Anymore On Useless Songwriter Demos & Free Drum Samples. Do It Right The First Time And Avoid The Heartaches Of Not Getting What You Want. 

Have you ever said to yourself? "I just need that One Big Hit Song"  I'm sure you have. The truth of the matter is, every songwriter out there has had that same thought at one time or another. They had to start somewhere just like you. 

They were not always the Highly Acclaimed Songwriters that they are today. Some songwriters never got their First Hit Song or Big Break until after they had written hundreds, or even thousands of songs. Persistence, a desire and a Love for what they do made them a successful songwriter along with several other factors.    

We use our knowledge and experience to produce and record your songs in a professional manner so that you don't have to worry about that part of the process.  This allows you to focus on your songwriting and writing more great songs.  Truth being told, alot of  songwriters are full time students or work other jobs while aspiring to make it in the Music Industry. 

They neither have the time to make it to their local recording studio, or they have not figured out their home studio equipment yet, and more time is passing them by. Many potential superstars are never heard, because they don't have the time to persue things the way they wish they could.    

Have our Team of Experienced Professional Nashville Producers, Musicians, Engineers, Drummers and Singers give your Songwriter Demo that BIG LABEL drum sound.


After writing your song you must have a recorded demo of it, if you wish to pitch it to anyone in the Music Industry. Contrary to what you may have heard your demo has to be Extremely Good, because your songs are competing with the Best of the Best.  

Take your time and go through our website... listen to some of our samples to hear what your Songwriter Demo could sound like.

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What We Need From You.

If you already have the melody, hip hop drum loops and chords for your songs please include a tape or cd with someone singing the melody. and if possible one instrument playing along, that we could work from. For kick drum compression we recommend this article. Also provide a type written lyric sheet per song, so that we can make notes, as we work on your songs.

Give us a description as to the style that you would like for the song to be done. For example: a Lonestar ballad style of music, with a Keith Urban style of singing. or an Alan Jackson, modern traditional style. After your order has been placed and your payment received you will be contacted to go over final details before production starts, Arrangement, or any advice to improve your songs. 

If you were to hire Session Musicians on your own to play for your record., you may have to pay them $250.00 per musician, per song, and that's just starting out. Some of the more highly sought after players could even be more. Don't get me wrong, they are well worth the money. Their creativity is worth its weight in gold, and could be the one thing that your production needs.    

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